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Şanlıurfa Waxing Salons and Prices

Şanlıurfa Waxing Salons and Prices

In this regard, we will present Şanlıurfa Waxing Salons and Şanlıurfa Hairdresser Waxing Session Prices together for those living in Şanlıurfa.

One of the issues that women and men who want to have waxing is to find a nice waxing salon. Having the waxing process done by an experienced hand allows for a fast waxing process and is offered as a painless process.

Although waxing is a process that both men and women often prefer. We can say that this process is a little easier for men. Since men prefer them only in the face area, they are few and concise. Since women will apply it in almost every region, they should look for a center a little faster.

Şanlıurfa Waxing Salons and Waxing Places

Millennium Women’s Hair Salon
Address Şair Şevket Mah. 119 sok hikmet apt 25/A, 63100 Haliliye/Şanlıurfa
Telephone: 0553 118 17 18

Mona Nisa Women’s Hairdresser
Address Narlıkuyu mah. Ataturk blv, 1150. Sk., 63330 Karaköprü/Şanlıurfa
Telephone: 0505 077 07 63

Salon Scissors Women Hairdresser
Address Şair Şevket Mah. 122 Street. Günaydın Apt Altı No :6/B, 63200 Haliliye/Şanlıurfa
Phone: 0542 214 24 54

Phone: 0544 976 56 56

Hasan & Nursel Women Hairdresser
Address: Senevler, Narlik Cd., 63320 Karaköprü Municipality/Şanlıurfa Merkez/Şanlıurfa
Phone: 0530 133 84 63

Şanlıurfa Waxing Hairdresser Session Prices

ŞANLIURFA waxing salons and waxing places

Note: Prices are average prices, no direct price of any salon is shared.


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