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Pink-Red Scars from Crusts after Needle Epilation?

Pink-Red Scars from Crusts after Needle Epilation?

Although Needle Epilation is truly the most effective system that deals with unwanted hair, some situations can be really annoying. The most common crusting problem after needle epilation can be considered as the skin’s self-protection mechanism. The needle epilation crusting event, which is seen at a very high rate, is not a situation to be worried about.

Of course, the crust formed after the needle epilation process is shed after a while. After these crusts fall off, the skin shows a slightly pink or reddish skin color.

Pink-Red Scars from Crusts after Needle Epilation?This situation is actually not something to be afraid of, but occurs because the skin protects itself and forms crusting. The solution to this is TIME. In case of sunbathing or contact with the sun, the skin will return to its original condition.

The most important procedure to be done after needle epilation is to use powder for 3 days after needle epilation. After 3 days, using Madecassol or bepanthol cream will be very beneficial and will show rapid healing.

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