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Pendik Needle Epilation Centers Recommendation

Pendik Needle Epilation Centers Recommendation

If you do not know what to do when the issue of unwanted hair is quite troublesome and these issues are often opened in the environment of friends, and if you always apply a different method and regret it, we can say that it is time to investigate the needle epilation process. Needle epilation is not a temporary procedure like other procedures, but it is a permanent and clear procedure. It is an FDA-approved procedure that has been actively preferred for almost 200 years. For our friends who want to have Needle Epilation procedure, we have prepared a list for convenience by bringing together the companies that perform needle epilation in Istanbul Pendik. Here Pendik Needle Epilation Centers Recommendation or Suggestion is together for you.

Pendik Needle Hair Removal Centers

Naturalife Beauty Salon

Address: Yeni Mahalle, Şht. Fethi Cd. No:23, 34860 Pendik/Istanbul
Telephone: +90216 354 55 57

Tual Aesthetics

Address: Batı Mahallesi, Akasya SokağıÜstünel Apartmanı Pendik Ptt YanıNo:21/1 Pendik
Telephone: 0216 491 8825

Pendik Needle Epilation Centers Recommendation

Estetik House Beauty Center

Address: Dogu, Lokman Hekim Cd. 23 B, 34890 Pendik/Istanbul
Telephone: (0216) 387 43 27

Evaderm Beauty Salon

Address: Kurtköy Mahallesi Ankara Caddesi Ibrahim Yörük Business Center No.414 / D.4, 34912 Pendik/Istanbul

Phone: +90507 648 72 26

Estenira Beauty Center

Address: Yenişehir Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Bulvarı 12 Dumankayacadde Sitesi C Blok Daire 4, 34912 Pendik/İstanbul
Telephone: +90555 006 35 30

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