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Narcotic Cream Epikrem epicream before Needle Epilation

Narcotic Cream Epikrem epicream before Needle Epilation

Narcotic cream, which is one of the creams preferred by people who want to have needle epilation, is preferred to forget the pain of needle epilation.

It is started to be applied 20 minutes before the needle epilation and provides a temporary numbness in the area during epilation, making the needle epilation process more comfortable. In this way, it provides a painless epilation and provides a short time effect.

Epi Cream How to Use Epi Cream?

  • It is applied to the area where needle epilation will be performed 20 minutes before, forming a layer. epilation should be started after 20 minutes.
  • The product should be applied in a thin layer, not by spreading it.
  • The best results are obtained in the face, armpits and genital area.

Does Epi Cream Narcotic Cream Work?

Narcotic Cream Epikrem epicream before Needle EpilationEpi cream numbing cream is usually a preferred procedure before epilation. Since Epi cream numbing cream is a frequently used pre-epilation cream, we say that it works. As much as we have observed in our trials and experiences, it is observed that it reduces pain up to 90 percent.

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