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Mardin Nefertiti Beauty Needle Epilation How? Departures

Mardin Nefertiti Beauty Needle Epilation How? Departures

Nefertiti beauty salon, which has a lot of experience in Needle Epilation, performs its procedures in the best way with customer satisfaction and experience. This beauty center, which has a lot of experience in needle epilation, has been operating since 2010.

Nefertiti beauty center, which serves in two different branches in Mardin central district and Nusaybin district, is one of the frequented places for those who want to have needle epilation.

Along with Needle Epilation, it also provides services in procedures such as laser hair removal, dermapen, sir waxing, skin care, permanent makeup, manicure, pedicure.

Nefertiti Beauty Salon Customer Reviews

When it comes to beauty salon, the first address that comes to mind in mardinde is nefertiti beauty salon, I have done cheek neck area needle epilation and I am very satisfied, it really does its job sincerely and sincerely, it is a place that attaches importance to hygiene, a place that gives importance to hygiene, I would also like to thank you here if you want a definite permanent solution, if you want a permanent solution, thank you nefertiti.
mardinin’s highest quality beauty salon, whether it is friendly staff or their commitment to their work is admirable for those who are looking for a definite solution, your first stop should be nefertiti, and my advice to coffee lovers is to drink black coffee there, they do it very well, thank you nefertiti beauty salon, the address of the quality of the service, the address of trust, thank you, I was satisfied, I hope you will be satisfied too.
“In a word, it is simply perfect. The service they offer is super, especially the friendly and loving work of the employees creates very good results. Thank you very much especially to Ms. İpek, it could not be better😊😊😊😊😊😊

Mardin Nefertiti Beauty Needle Hair Removal How? Departures

Mardin Nefertiti Needle Epilation Contact Address

Address: March 13, Mehtap Cd. No:13, 47200 Artuklu/Mardin
Mardin 📞 0482 212 27 00
Gsm : 05445745036
Nusaybin📞0482 415 78 00
Gsm: 0545 437 34 47

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