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Is Needle Epilation Performed on Thick Hair?

Is Needle Epilation Performed on Thick Hair?

Needle epilation is a method that has been actively used for as long as 200 years and has been intensively preferred for the last 20 years. In questions that usually come over the internet, has needle epilation been effective on thick hair recently? Is Needle Epilation harmful to thick hair? I hope that you will find answers to all your questions in the subject I have prepared to be a general answer to questions such as.

In the needle epilation method, it is a procedure performed without distinguishing between thick and thin hair. Since thick hairs and fine hairs are treated individually in the Needle Epilation process, precise results are obtained at the end of the procedure. Even in the area where needle epilation is performed, it becomes possible to see with your eyes that the hair does not grow again within 1 week after the procedure.

Is Needle Epilation Performed on Thick Hair?In the needle epilation process, in the hair follicle blasting process performed with the help of a needle with an electric current at the tip of each hair follicle one by one, it is not possible to grow hair in the same area again due to the destruction of the hair follicle at the end of the procedure.

Due to this, the needle epilation process is performed without separating thick hair and thin hair.

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