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Hyperbaric Hair Transplant

Hyperbaric Hair Transplant
hiperbarik saç ekim fiyatı

Hyperbaric hair transplant It is also known as a treatment method using oxygen. The amount of oxygen in the blood is important in hair transplantation. Because hair transplant price In the process, the transplanted hair should hold on to the scalp in a healthier way. If the oxygen level in the blood is not sufficient, the hair transplantation process will not be a complete success. In order for the hair transplantation process to take place successfully, the oxygen level in the blood must be high. For this reason, users mostly use Hyperbaric hair transplantation in hair transplantation methods.

With this treatment method, the success rate of hair transplantation treatment increases. In this way, the patient has both healthy and very strong hair. After the doctor performs hair transplantation, the roots need to heal. This requires adequate blood and oxygen levels. Hyperbaric hair transplant prices This is where treatment comes into play. The process takes place in an environment of high pressure. Hair follicles are provided to absorb oxygen rapidly with high pressure. This accelerates the healing process of the patient’s hair follicles. Oxygen also helps to strengthen the patient’s hair follicles.

hyperbaric hair transplant
hyperbaric hair transplant prices

How Hyperbaric Hair Transplantation Works

Hyperbaric hair transplant It is not a hair transplantation method different from other hair transplantation methods. Most of the patients who will have hair transplantation think like this. Hyperbaric treatment is actually a treatment method applied after normal treatment. The patient first undergoes hair transplantation in a normal way. The patient is then taken to the oxygen room. In this room, the patient wears a mask and is given plenty of oxygen.

The amount of oxygen given to the patient depends on the patient’s characteristics. The doctor who performs hair transplantation determines the amount of oxygen by considering the patient’s characteristics. Therefore, it is not possible to give clear information about the amount of oxygen.

Advantages of Hyperbaric Hair Transplant

Hyperbaric hair transplant The healing process is greatly accelerated by the oxygen used in the method. The recovery time for a normal hair transplant is generally 15 days. This period is reduced to 9 days in hyperbaric hair transplantation. In normal hair transplantation methods, edema occurs after the procedure. But Hyperbaric hair price method, edema formation is reduced due to oxygen.

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