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How is Izmir Birgül Needle Epilation? The Departed Reviews

How is Izmir Birgül Needle Epilation? The Departed Reviews

Ms. Birgül, who started her service in 1995 and started to serve as Birgül Epilation in 2000. He is a professional in needle epilation. Birgül Epilation, which serves with a team of experts in both needle epilation and skin care, serves in Izmir and offers a good solution to those who are in trouble with unwanted hair.

Birgül Hanım, who serves in Bornova for people who want to have needle epilation, is a company that is on the radar with its happy customers and very high recycling.

Birgül Needle Epilation Customer Reviews

Birgül is the best expert you can find in Izmir in needle epilation, the only address you can choose with your eyes closed👏🤗
A teacher carries your child into the future. A doctor brings you to life… Birgül Abla carries you to the future with the service she provides, just like them. 2. It gives life. It saves you from tweezing and waxing. Come directly, do what they say and say hello to hairless life. 🥰🤩
You really feel the difference with other places from the first moment you arrive, both with its professional operations and its friendly attitude. As a result of the results I got, I recommended it to many people and they returned with very good results. My sister, my mother and many other people have found a solution to the epilation problem they have been looking for a long time. Thank you very much for your interest ❣️
As someone who has been victimized by laser for years, I found Birgül Hanim as a result of research. Although I live in a different city, I prefer to come here. If you want a permanent result, needle epilation is the only solution and Ms. Birgül is very good at it.

How is Izmir Birgül Needle Epilation? Reviews of Those Who Have Gone

Birgül Needle Epilation Contact Address

Address Mustafa Kemal Cad. No.38/2
Address Crete Apt. Bornova – IZMIR
Tel Bornova : 0.232. 343 35 15
Karsiyaka 0.232.330 82 02
Mobile: 0.535. 275 03 70

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