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Hair Transplant Prices

Hair Transplant Prices
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What is hair transplantation? Who can it be applied to? Nowadays, hair loss and hair loss features are very common in men. The expert recommends the lair as the most permanent solution to this problem. Healthy hair follicles are transplanted to areas where hair follicles are passive and baldness occurs. This process is commonly called hair transplant process. Microsurgical methods are used to transplant hair follicles to bald areas.


Hair transplantation In the process, healthy hair follicles from the patient himself are added to the bald areas. Hair operations are very special operations. The plan is made and implemented individually for the patient. Hair follicles in the nape of the neck are generally resistant to hair loss. Therefore, hair follicles taken from this nape area are generally preferred for hair transplantation operations. These hair follicles are transplanted to areas where baldness or thinning is present. Hair transplant prices The main purpose of the procedure is to give a natural hair appearance to the bald areas. In fact, hair transplantation is a small procedure in terms of surgical operation. However, it is still recommended to be performed by professional doctors who have worked in this field before. hair transplant

hair transplant

What is the Success Rate of Hair Transplantation

Many people suffering from baldness hair transplantation They are very curious about whether they can regain the appearance of their old hair afterwards. Yes, with hair, you can get a look as if your old hair has never fallen out. The main purpose of hair transplantation is to give the patient a natural hair appearance with medical applications.

To whom hair transplantation can be applied

Today, almost half of all men suffer from hair loss. Therefore, the most preferred aesthetic operation for men Hair happens. But problems such as hair loss or hair loss are not problems that only men experience. Today, many women, especially after middle age, also suffer from hair loss. October The procedure is a treatment method applied to both men and women.

When we examine the biggest causes of hair loss, we see genetic factors in the first place. Because the baldness gene is carried by chromosomes. This health problem is passed down from generation to generation hair transplantation treatment gives very successful results.

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