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Epipia Beauty Center Needle Epilation How? Departures

Epipia Beauty Center Needle Epilation How? Departures

Epipia Beauty Center, an expert company in needle epilation, has a very high appreciation rate for those who want to have needle epilation. Epipia Beauty Center, which serves in Sultangazi for those who want to have needle epilation, provides services in applications such as laser epilation, needle epilation, skin care, dermapen, eyebrow contour and dermaroller. It keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level and closely follows technological developments. For this reason, it emerges as one of the highly preferred epilation companies.

Epipia Beauty Center Customer Reviews

I’m having it done on my legs for needle epilation. I’ve never had hair removal. In 2 sessions, it was completely over. %100. Thank you. ❤️
First of all, I went to the interview. Then a lady took me to the room. By the way, I am writing as someone who has received prices and information from all the salons in Sultangazi. Then a lady gave an explanation for about 43 minutes without breathing for a minute as if she was training for about 43 minutes. I listened to everything in detail with a very kind and polite tone of voice.
Epi Pia and I are like family now. They open the hall even at 8:00 to make us victims. Their interest and knowledge is very good. The staff does not change all the time. For 1 year the same people have been there. I would like to thank first Ms. Merve, then Ms. Asuman.

How is Epipia Beauty Center Needle Epilation? Departures

Epipia Beauty Center Contact Address

Gsm:05550593034 Tel:0212 667 47 57
Address: Sultan Çiftliği Mah No 30 Sokak No: 2 floor: 5 Yeni Dünya Driving School ISTANBUL / Sultangazi

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