How is Northern EPL-110 Needle Hair Removal Device? Comments

Northern EP-110 needle epilation device, which is a needle epilation device that we have heard frequently recently and prepared in a beautiful structure, is a 2-system device. Let’s get to know the Northern Needle Epilation device, which combines Flash (painless) and Thermolysis (classic) hair removal system.

Northern Star Needle Hair Removal Device Technical Specifications

  • 2-System Flash and Thermolysis
  • On and off key
  • Time Adjustment feature
  • Foot pedal
  • Ability to adjust output power
  • Device Stand
  • 2 year warranty

How is Northern EPL-110 Needle Hair Removal Device? Reviews

Editor’s Comment

This needle epilation, which is offered for sale as a double system suitable for use in Classic and Flash mode, is sold between 3500-5000 TL on average. When we look at the general meaning of this device, which has an average price, it is a device with almost the same features as its competitors. It is a preferable device if you agree with the company you will buy about the price. When we look at it in general terms, the fact that it is a 2-pack system reveals that we can call it a problem-free device.

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