Can Self-administer Needle Epilation at Home? How is it done?

While the needle epilation process has become one of the most popular procedures of recent times, the question of whether needle epilation can be done on its own at home, which is a very curious subject, is among the most frequently heard questions. Before answering the question of whether needle epilation can be done on its own at home, I would like to specify how needle epilation is done.

How Is Needle Epilation Performed?

The needle epilation process is a procedure performed by means of a needle epilation device, and in simple terms, it is the process of blasting the hair follicles one by one by giving electric current with the help of a needle. In the needle epilation process, the process of destroying the hair follicle by entering the hair follicles one by one with the help of a needle is one of the processes that require very high manual dexterity.

Can Needle Epilation Be Performed Self-administered at Home?

As for our main question, the process of needle epilation on your own at home is limited only to the leg area. As a matter of fact, it can be done for both the structure and accessibility of the hair in the leg area.

Can Self-needle Epilation Be Performed at Home? How Can It Be Done?However, needle epilation procedures performed on your own at home will be much more painful than the procedures performed in normal clinics. While the person who is an expert in the clinics can destroy an average of 40-60 hair follicles in 1 minute, this process is limited to 3-5 hair follicles for a maximum of 1 minute for a beginner.

At the same time, specializing in the angle at which the needle will enter the hair follicle is a process that requires a lot of time. While the skin hurts more in the needle epilation process entered at the wrong angle, these procedures performed at the right angle provide a very painless epilation opportunity.

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