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Diyarbakır Jin-est Beauty How is Needle Epilation? Departures

Diyarbakır Jin-est Beauty How is Needle Epilation? Departures

Since 2007, Jin-est Beauty Center, which has been serving until today and has beautiful ladies who have gained a place in our minds with its service, has entered our radar with the needle epilation they have applied. Jin-est Beauty Center, which performs appropriate needle epilation procedures thanks to its fast and practical hands, serves with Expert Esthetician Berivan Toprak and Expert Esthetician Nazan Harman.

Jin-est beauty center is the reason for high preference if you get very good feedback about needle epilation. Needle epilation procedures performed with the Apilus Junior Plus needle epilation device make it possible to achieve very good results. As a matter of fact, Apilus needle epilation devices, which have a high success in needle epilation devices, are highly preferred and result-oriented.

Jin-est Needle Epilation Customer Reviews

It’s the best quality hall I’ve ever seen. Ms. Berivan and Ms. Nazan’s friendliness, sincerity, professionalism, respect for their work, not looking at the incoming ladies with commercial eyes, telling them the most appropriate procedure that can be done or what they cannot do (health risk or that the procedure is not suitable for the customer) was the point that attracted me. Congratulations ladies, may your success continue
It is a valuable service sector that always serves with smiling faces, professional employees, reassuring employees and a valuable service sector that is behind their warm and sincere work. I wish you continued success.
I wish the continuation of success in diyarbakır, which was a beauty salon that I loved for the first time, which is really very successful in male facial cleansing and eyebrow design.
It is such a clean, hygienic and caring business that I think it is number one in Diyarbakır. Very satisfied with the service

Diyarbakır Jinest Beauty Needle Epilation How? Departures

Jinest Beauty Center Contact Address

Tel: 0 412 228 11 88
Gsm:0 531 522 41 05
Address:Ofis Sanat Sokağı Saray Market Yanı V. Kupik . Apt. No:1/3, Yenisehir / Diyarbakir

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