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Breast Silicone

Breast Silicone
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Breast silicone is one of the most researched topics by many women lately. One of the most important organs to symbolize femininity is definitely the breast. Every woman naturally wants to have good-looking and aesthetic breasts. However, it is possible to have double or unilateral underdevelopment of the breasts or sagging breasts as a result of weight loss after childbirth. However, it is also possible for the breasts to shrink.

In such cases, there are attempts to plump and enlarge the breast. Thanks to these interventions, it is possible to create larger, aesthetic, fuller and much more beautiful breasts. This enlargement is the easiest breast implants operations. The rate of augmentation is determined by the condition of the existing breasts, the individual’s desire, the size of the rib cage and the elasticity of the breast skin. However, the exact size is always determined during surgery. The most important issue here breast implants is not to place a prosthesis that is much larger than the breast skin can accommodate. In this regard, impression prostheses are also used during surgery.

breast implants
breast implants

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery, in medical language breast implants is referred to as surgery. In these procedures, the breasts are enlarged with a silicone gel breast prosthesis placed in the back of the breast tissue.

Breast silicone People who apply for surgery generally have difficulty in describing the breast size they intend to achieve. That’s why they often ask for the bra size they want. However, it is possible for different bra brands to be of different sizes even if the size numbers are the same. However, measurements such as 85 or 90 are related to the diameter ratio of the person’s rib cage. In general, the bra size will not change. This will be expressed in terms of A, B, C, D, characterized as “cup size”.

A stands for the smallest breast size. For this reason breast implants People have to determine their expectations very well before the surgery. In addition, different causes and different magnitudes should be examined in detail. For example, it is not possible to suddenly enlarge a breast that has been too small from an early age.

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