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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction
meme küçültme fiyatları

Breast Reduction Do you have excessively large and saggy breasts? Then make sure breast you should be familiar with. Large and saggy breasts can cause back and neck pain. However, it can also cause respiratory problems and skin irritation. Women who want to avoid such health problems breast reduction operations. In addition to health problems, large breasts can also cause shyness and timidity in society.

Breast surgery From medical jargon it gets the name reduction mammoplasty. Breast operations are designed for women who have the problems mentioned above.

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Meme First, the breast tissue and breast skin are carefully removed before the surgical procedure. Thus, the breasts become lighter, smaller and more dense in structure. During the same operation, the radius of the ring of dark skin around the nipple can also be reduced. This procedure is called areola. The aim of breast reduction surgery is to give women with large breasts more proportionate and beautiful breasts.

For Which Individuals Is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Meme You should not think of surgery as an aesthetic concern or a cosmetic improvement. Because this operation is done for physical relief. Most of the candidates who apply for this surgery have excessively large and sagging breast problems.

breast reduction
breast surgery

Breast surgery is not performed for women of all age groups. Because one of the conditions for this surgery is that breast development is complete. However, if the size of the breasts is excessively large and causes serious discomfort to the patient, this surgery can be performed at an earlier age. The most suitable candidates for this surgery are realistic candidates who have reached sufficient maturity. Breast reduction surgery is not recommended for women who plan to become a mother in the future.

Breast Reduction Surgery Prices

Meme There are two main factors that affect the prices of surgery. These are ;

  • The method to be applied during surgery
  • Anesthesia during surgery


These two factors are of great importance in the price order. However, the city, hospital and doctor where the breast surgery will be performed also play an active role in the price.

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