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Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery
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Breast lift surgery How to do it? Over time, the connective tissues in women’s breasts weaken. There are many reasons for this weakening. We can list these reasons as breastfeeding, pregnancy and gravity. For these reasons, women’s breasts become misshapen and the connective tissue softens. With the softening of the connective tissue, a saggy appearance occurs in the breast. However, an increase in the diameter size of the area we call the nipple may also occur. Breast lift surgery It is performed to restore sagging breasts to their former form. Thanks to this operation, the breasts become erect, harden and take on a normal appearance.

For this to be achieved successfully breast surgery During the operation, the excess skin on the breast is removed. The breast tissue inside is then redesigned by the specialist doctor. During this surgery, the nipple is also moved to a more favorable position, as the head of the breasts of women is lower. For female patients with a low degree of breast sagging, there is little need for redesign. Because with silicone prostheses, a vertical appearance is added to the breasts very easily.

breast lift surgery
breast lift surgery

Is Breast Lift Surgery Suitable for Me?

Every female individual with sagging breasts and excess skin breast surgery it can happen. In some patients, sagging of the breasts occurs after excessive weight loss. These patients usually have weight loss surgery breast lift surgery happens.

Breast lift surgery It is applied not only for sagging breasts but also for breasts with an asymmetrical appearance. But the main reason why many patients undergo this surgery is to restore sagging breasts to their former appearance. Because patients can eliminate the negative effects of gravity very easily with this surgery. During this phase, be in the environment where you feel most comfortable.

Simultaneous Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Surgery

Breast surgery prices candidates can also undergo breast augmentation during the same surgery if they wish. These two operations are suitable for simultaneous application. These two procedures can also be performed separately if the patient’s health condition is not suitable. Always consult your doctor about this issue before surgery.

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