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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation
meme büyütme fiyatları

Breast augmentation You can also understand the purpose of the process very clearly by looking at its name. This operation is performed for two reasons. The first aim is to add volume to small breasts in a proportional way to the body. The second reason is to give shape to breasts with deformities.

Breast enlargement Two different methods are used in surgeries. One of these methods is to use the patient’s own body fat. The second method is the use of silicone prosthesis. Very successful results are obtained both ways. But using the patient’s own oil for breast enlargement operations are much more advantageous.

How is Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed?

Breast operation is performed by giving the patient general anesthesia. Just like other surgical operations, it is performed under operating room conditions. Under normal conditions, this type of operation takes 1 to 1.5 hours. Meme surgery can be performed alone. However, it can also be performed together with a breast lift operation.

breast augmentation
breast enlargement

Breast Augmentation with Patient’s Own Tissue

Breast enlargement The patient’s own fat tissue can be used in operations. This method is generally preferred for breasts with a well-proportioned shape but small volume. Mostly, fat tissue taken from the abdominal area is injected into the breast after it has been cleaned and made usable. Thus, the patient’s breast gains volume naturally without using any silicone material.


Breast Augmentation with Silicone

Breast augmentation The silicone method has been used in surgeries for more than 50 years. Because there has been a very serious progress in silicone production technologies, prostheses produced by many quality companies related to medical device and drug approval have been approved.

Breast surgeries using silicone are actually very different from each other. The way in which the prosthesis is placed is very important. The implants can be placed from the nipple, in the armpit or under the breast. The depth of the prosthesis is also very important. Silicone can be placed under the mammary gland tissue. If this method is not suitable for the patient, it can also be placed under the breast muscle tissue. Meme The shape of the prosthesis also varies according to the course of the surgery. Unfortunately, there is no surgical technique that meets the needs of every patient. These criteria are determined specifically according to the patient’s condition. Because breast augmentation procedures are personalized.

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