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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery
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Breast Augmentation Surgery Women’s breasts are like a symbol of femininity. For women, breasts are of great importance because they carry such a meaning. Aesthetic operations such as breast reduction and breast augmentation have long been highly preferred by women. Breast augmentation surgery The criteria differ for each patient.

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

If we need to briefly explain breast augmentation surgery, we can make the following explanation. It is an aesthetic operation applied by women who are not satisfied with the size of their breasts. Some women may feel that their breast size is too small for their body. For this reason, we ask experts breast augmentation surgery they want to get help. Today, this type of surgery has become very common both in the medical world and among the public.

breast augmentation
breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery’The main procedure is the insertion of a prosthesis filled with a silicone gel into the woman’s breast. This procedure is considered a high standard for this type of operation. Because this method is much more advantageous and healthier than other breast augmentation methods. Recently, injecting fat tissue taken from the patient herself into the breast of women is also among the methods applied. But this method does not involve absolute permanence. If the person loses weight, this fat tissue can melt again.

How Breast Augmentation Surgery is Performed

Prostheses filled with silicone gel are inserted through 4 – 5 cm long incisions in the lower part of the breast. These implants are never placed inside the breast tissue. Because breast augmentation surgery A woman who has had it can later become pregnant. Therefore, it is placed in the lower part of the breast tissue so that the milk glands are not damaged and can easily breastfeed the baby. The level of the operation is decided mutually with the patient. The anatomical structure of the patient plays a major role in this decision.

There is not a single type of silicone for each patient. Because the important thing is not the type of prosthesis but its reliability. If the healthiest silicone prostheses of world-famous brands are used, you do not need to have a trust problem. Because after choosing the right doctor and the right place, the choice of prosthesis will automatically be the best. Breast augmentation surgery You can find the most detailed information about our site.

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