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Afyon Görkem Beauty Salon Handan Dinçer Needle Epilation

Afyon Görkem Beauty Salon Handan Dinçer Needle Epilation

With 24 years of experienced hands, Görkem Beauty Salon Handan Dinçer, which reveals very successful and excellent results in needle epilation procedures, offers precise and truly permanent solutions to unwanted hair.

Thanks to the fast and effective experience of their hands, it offers the opportunity to make needle epilation both faster and more affordable. Offering a high level of satisfaction with the services offered, Ms. Handan Dinçer is one of the rare companies that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

As Görkem Beauty Salon, it provides you with a professional service in needle epilation, eyebrow contouring, skin care.

Handan Dinçer Needle Epilation Customer Reviews

Health to your hands @afyonigneliepilation @handandincer The day after the application, there was absolutely no pain and swelling, I continued my routine life very comfortably. Thank you very much, I like it very much 😊 😍😍🤩
You are perfect handan ablamm you saved me from this trouble that I could not get rid of for years, I will come for control as soon as possible, you are loved❤️
Although I was out of town, I went regularly every week and we got a very good result thanks to Handan Abla ✨✨✨✨ Health to your hands Handan sister 💜💜💜💜
I am also another laser victim. Laser devices should not be used on any part of the face. I learned this as a result of the bad effect of the diode laser on my face. In such cases, beauty salons that usually make lasers usually tell you that there is a problem with your hormones, you check your hormones, but there is no problem. As a result, you face a hair growth problem in a vicious cycle. … Until I started this process with Ms. Handan, I thought that I would not be able to get rid of this problem anymore, that I would have to process my face for life. I really got a result like the lady in the same video in a short time like 6 months. Of course, I recommend these hands that give such a meticulous and precise result to everyone.👏

Afyon Görkem Beauty Salon Handan Dinçer Needle Epilation

Handan Dinçer Needle Epilation Contact Address

Address: Dumlupinar mah, osman atilla cad Erçin Bey business center, 7. Sk. no 7 D:kat 3, 03200 Afyonkarahisar Center

Telephone: +90272 213 55 22
GSM: 0533 604 63 07

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